Clear and Present Economic Danger

Even as the global NewSpace markets was flourishing, Indian Space-tech startups were striving for survival, sometimes by shifting base to other countries. So, what’s been…

Data in Context

Just like oil needs refining and gold has to be extracted from ore, knowledge needs to be extracted as a commodity from data before being useful in decision support

March-April 2021


The growing realization about the power of ‘where’ is resulting in geo-intelligence gaining greater significance in the field of defense and security globally.

Special Features

Redrawing the Growth Map

India’s decision to liberalize geospatial data rules is historic, and will go a long way in transforming the country’s economy and ensuring self-reliance…

Making People Vote and How!

How a women-led advocacy group used the power of maps to encourage people to vote by making the US Presidential elections personal, and by telling focused, data-driven stories about policies that affect a variety of communities historically excluded from positions of power…

Satellite Imagery is Taking Journalism to New Orbits

Be it for fact-finding or gauging the impact of significant developments, reporting on climate events or conflict zones, because of the unbiased and continuous insights provided by satellite imagery, it is being extensively used in newsrooms today…


Digital Partnering for Digital Twinning

A key takeaway of the Year in Infrastructure 2020 Conference is the expanding partnership between Microsoft and Bentley Systems, a harbinger of things to come for AEC industries…

Subscription-based Environments in AEC

Have universally adopted subscription models for software, Cloud processing, and collaboration solutions evolved in a manner that best serves AEC?…





Get Inspired With Africa Flores

Get Inspired! Flores focuses on enabling countries in the Amazonia, West Africa, Eastern and Southern Africa, Hindu-Kush Himalaya and Lower Mekong regions to use earth observation data and geospatial technologies…

Carto Walks The Data Talk

If you only know the Where, but do not know the Why, then you will not know the How. Apply this to location data insights, and you will see Where Carto brings…