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Digital Twin

A Symbiotic Relationship Supporting Sustainability

While geospatial infrastructure is required to model and simulate changes in the real world and feed them into the Digital Twin ecosystem, a digital replica at the national level can open doors…

September-October 2021

when virtual is for real

Geospatial infrastructure lies at the core of digital twins, which can help us make our societies, economies, businesses, and environment better...

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Virtual Model

Virtual Models for Real Development

In the last few years, several nations around the world have adopted the Digital Twin technology for better infrastructure development, risk assessment, predictive maintenance, real-time remote monitoring…

Circular Economy

Tech to Power Circular Economy

In April 2021 in the Netherlands, when United Nations climate officials congregated at the World Circular Economy Forum, their key conclusion was…

Tech Platform to Reduce Snakebite Suffering

The World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) Snakebite Information and Data Platform is a confluence of technology with data science and geography…


A Breath of Fresh Air for Indian Startups

The policy decisions announced by the Indian government in the last one year have created a new hope in the Indian Space-tech startup ecosystem…

Data was, Analytics is, the New Oil

Technology innovation and the decreasing cost of data processing are fuelling the demand for actionable intelligence across sectors…

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Oil Rig Digital Twin

The Real and Virtual Worlds

We are at the start of a data revolution that has enabled us to envisage smart cities and digital twins. This is just the beginning of an industrial revolution that will change the world around us.

Case Study​​

Case Study​​




Get Inspired With Africa Flores

Get Inspired! Flores focuses on enabling countries in the Amazonia, West Africa, Eastern and Southern Africa, Hindu-Kush Himalaya and Lower Mekong regions to use earth observation data and geospatial technologies…

Carto Walks The Data Talk

If you only know the Where, but do not know the Why, then you will not know the How. Apply this to location data insights, and you will see Where Carto brings…